GPS Tracking Systems Help Businesses

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Do you have any idea how much money your corporation or business is wasting everyday because of unnecessary or unauthorized trips by employees? Any business looking to improve employee performance, accountability, efficiency, and overall profit can find the solution they are seeking in vehicle tracking system technology. Vehicle tracking systems have successfully assisted salesmen document mileage driven, companies reduce vehicle maintenance issues, and businesses improve routing, planning, and dispatching operations. The bottom line is an investment in a vehicle tracking system will result in increased revenue and employee production.

What A Real-Time Tracking System Will Do For You:

  • Make employees more productive and accountable
  • Reduce overtime pay
  • Boost the frequency of delivery or sales calls or visits per day, week, month, and year
  • Monitor and document service and sales calls for billing and mileage driven
  • Develop and cultivate improved customer service and satisfaction

GPS Tracking Key: The Recommended Corporate Tracking Solution!

Vehicle tracking systems allow businesses to have access to all driving related assets and travel history, allowing them to improve all areas of employee productivity and accountability. Having the ability to see where any driver or employee is while they are in the field has countless advantageous qualities. Not to mention, equipping every company mobile resource with a vehicle tracking system will:

  • Lower insurance premiums though most insurance agencies
  • Shape employee driving habits, making them drive more safely
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance and fuel costs
  • Allow a company or business to quickly recover any company vehicle if it is ever stolen

Any company, corporation, or business can benefit from the many unique features GPS tracking systems provide. Whether you are searching for improved routing, and dispatch of fleet management operations, a theft-recovery device, or simply want to improve the safety, security, and productivity of employees, a vehicle tracking system can accommodate your needs.

Stop Wasting Money And Start Eliminating Wasteful Trips By Modernizing Your Company Vehicles Today!

Live GPS Device With Long Battery Life

GPS Tracking Unit With Extended Battery Power

SilverCloud-GPS-ComputerWhen it comes to GPS tracking systems what businesses and consumers want are solutions that update quickly and have long-lasting battery power. Finding a GPS tracking system that updates around 6 times per minute is fairly commonplace now that cellular technologies have continued to expand, but when it comes to battery-life the reality is almost all GPS systems aren’t very adequate. This is because most vehicle tracking systems are only capable of offering 10-15 hours of GPS tracking when used the device is not pulling power from an outside source such as a car battery via hardwire connect or cigarette lighter port. This leaves many potential uses in a tough spot, that is of course before the launch of a new live GPS known as SilverCloud Overdrive.

What Is SilverCloud Overdrive

SilverCloud Overdrive is a GPS vehicle management solution that can provide real-time updates as fast as 20 times per minute while also offering upwards of 60 hours of motion GPS tracking data. That intelligently engineered vehicle tracker even includes a motion detection system that will place the GPS unit into a mode of sleep when the target vehicle is parked. This revolutionary design extends battery life for upwards of 2 months! However, what really makes SilverCloud Overdrive an impressive GPS tracking system are the numerous features designed to enhance surveillance:

No Software Required
Mobile Phone Access
Updates 20x Per Minute
Safe Zone Alerts
Aggressive Driving Alerts
Real-Time Locates

GPS Tracking: Growing Among Public & Businesses

The applications related to GPS tracking continue grow as more people and businesses become acquainted with technology and can see firsthand the benefits of locational-based technologies. For example, it is now very common for parents to utilize GPS tracking systems to learn where a teen driver is going or if a elderly driver is still driving safely. And businesses continue calling upon fleet tracking GPS devices for a number of applications ranging from mileage accounting to automotive security. In fact, the GPS monitoring industry continues to grow at a rapid rate as companies seek ways to reduce inefficiencies and families seek digital tools to upgrade personal safety.

SilverCloud Overdrive is currently priced at $399.00 and like all GPS systems that provide live locational data does require a monthly data obligation. The data obligations start at $29.95 per month which provide unlimited updates 60 times per hour.

Car Cameras For Businesses

Reducing Liabilities With Surveillance

CarCmaeraGPS2Modern businesses are always in search of the latest technological gizmos and gadgets to help them take efficiency and profitability to the next level. This is the reason behind so many companies calling upon GPS tracking system units  to help the businesses calculate mileage driven, enhance automotive security and of course assist in management of vehicle fleets. GPS tracking technology has been critical in helping businesses all over the world increase management and employee productivity but the technology also came up a little short in meeting the needs of companies seeking a more visual solution. This is where car cameras with GPS tracking have filled in the gap and have been able to provide companies a solution to reduce potential liabilities.

Video data combined with GPS tracking information is by far one of the best, if not the best, way for a business to determine what occurred when a employee was driving and operating company vehicle assets. With GPS tracking locational data providing information such as speeds driven, locational information and diagnostic data, it is easy for a fleet manager to understand how the company vehicle was being operated if for example a car accident occurred. This tracking system data can not only help the company determine if the employee was at fault but it can also assist police enforcement investigating any potential motor vehicle collision understand what party was likely driving at unsafe speeds. Unfortunately, GPS vehicle tracking data can only tell some of the story not all of the story. This is where video data fills in the holes.

Surveillance video has a long track record of success in the business world. This is why almost every bank, department store, restaurant and even parking lot is equipped with some form of hidden camera system. The technology is great because it offers a unbiased view on events that occurred. Therefore, it makes perfect logical sense that this same type of visual technology would eventually be implemented in a format for for automotive security. That is what the brains behind the DriveProof car camera system sought out to do when they created a device that uses both GPS tracking and video data to create one of the most sophisticated automotive security solutions on the market.

DriveProof Car Cameras

Essentially what DriveProof car cameras provide is a system that will not only offers high resolution video data but also second-by-second historical GPS tracking data. This is perfect for businesses concerned about reducing potential liabilities with drivers. An example of this would be if a company employee/driver was involved in a motor vehicle accident, something that occurs on a daily basis and can open the door to potential lawsuits against a business. The car camera device with GPS tracking system will meticulously document driving activity, showing what speed an employee was going, road conditions and if that driver possibly ran a red light, stop sign or other traffic notice. This data can be shared with investigating officials who can then quickly determine who was at fault in any potential automotive accident or situation.

Currently, many countries such as Russia make those involved in any motor vehicle accident prove what actually happened, as word of mouth no longer holds much strength. That has resulted in he majority of motorists investing in car cameras in case of an accident.

Businesses understand that staying on top of employee activity is a priority and will only result in  more efficient productivity along with heightened customer service. Technology is key in assisting businesses in this role and that is why it is only a matter of time before all motor vehicles for business usage are equipped with GPS vehicle tracking systems that offer video capture information

Talking To Employees About GPS Tracking

How Employers Should Introduce Fleet Tracking Plans To Workers

employee vehicleThe global economy has been struggling, fuel prices have been rising and businesses have been left searching for methods to both reduce inefficiency and improve profitability. This is the reason why so many companies worldwide have adopted fleet tracking and vehicle management plans that call upon tracker devices to oversee employee driving activity. Although GPS monitoring systems are intended to reduce fuel consumption, vehicle idling, poor route selection and costly automotive maintenance, some employees simply feel GPS is solely used to invade their privacy. The employees may view satellite technology as intrusive Big Brother type behavior and look negatively upon it. This is why employers need to communicate with their employees about tracker devices and the benefits of GPS monitoring.

Being Honest With Employees

One of the first things some employees may think after hearing that a GPS vehicle tracker will monitor their driving activity is that they are being singled out. They might think that their boss wants to track everywhere they are going simply to catch them doing something wrong. This is something that businesses should address. One simple way to to solve this problem is to explain that all automotive assets held by the company will by under GPS monitoring to safeguard both equipment and personnel, and that not one person in particular is being singled out. The company can then reason with employees by stating that legally they have the authority to monitor drivers with GPS without the employees permission, but instead felt that all employees should be in the know about any program implemented to boost safety and efficiency. When an employee is told by the employer that they do not need to notify them in regards to a GPS monitoring plan but choose to do so it most often times creates more transparency in the worker/manager relationship. This trust and transparency is something that leads to long-term success and communication.

The Cost Of Doing Business

When discussing GPS tracking systems businesses should be quick to point out that reducing overhead spending is something that is universally beneficial to all people collecting paychecks. One small ambulance company located in South Carolina explained to staff that times were so difficult that they had no other option but to use real-time GPS monitoring devices to cut down on fuel consumption. They pointed out that the last thing they wanted to do was lay staff off and that calculations showed a more effective fuel management strategy would result in the company being able to keep all employees working.

Digital Supervision Is Everywhere

Technology to provide oversight and security is everywhere, but some employees may be quick to forget this. Businesses should remind workers that digital supervision and technology designed for safety is a positive thing and that is why it so abundantly found in today’s world. For example, almost every major retail shopping center now has hidden camera systems decorating parking structures and camera devices watching consumers as they shop in stores. This video recording is found at gas stations, restaurants, banks and even fast food establishments. In some cities the same type of camera technology is even used to catch motorists committing traffic violations. Known as red light camera systems, these type of video camera devices are constantly watching drivers as they travel making certain that the rules of the road are being followed.

Businesses that want to maintain success need to constantly focus on ways of improving efficiency, worker production and profit in the most effective methods possible. Tracker devices that use real-time GPS are one of the new tools giving businesses the oversight technology that can maximize driver production, safety and efficiency, but companies must never forget the vital role that the good employees play in business success. This is why it is always a good to openly discuss any new strategy involving workers even if that strategy is a GPS fleet tracking one that will require driver oversight.

GPS Tracker For Medical Equipment

Asset Protection With GPS

image19When most people think of GPS tracking systems they think of business fleet tracking and vehicle management. Although it is factual that businesses are one of the primary investors of GPS products, many consumers, companies and others are using the same type of technology designed for vehicle tracking for asset protection. One of the forms of asset protection that has gained in popularity over the past few years is the use of GPS trackers to monitor and safeguard expensive medical equipment.

Many businesses working in the medical field are required to transport medical equipment from one hospital or facility to another frequently throughout the day, week or month. With so much traveling and moving of medical equipment and devices there is an increased probability of equipment becoming lost or misplaced. Since some monitors and other equipment can cost tens of thousands of dollars, keeping a watchful eye over assets is critical from a monetary standpoint. Not to mention, in many situations it can be a life or death situation if vital hospital equipment goes missing in an emergency situation.

“Hospitals and medical supply companies understand the importance of keeping track of medical equipment, and that is why so many of them have been investing in real-time GPS solutions such as the SilverCloud tracker”, explained a business GPS tracking expert forTracking System Direct.

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LandAirSea SilverCloud Data Plans

Choosing The Right GPS Tracking Device Plan

assisted-gpsAs most consumers and businesses are aware, all real-time GPS tracking systems require a monthly service obligation. The reason for this monthly service cost is that when a GPS receiver gathers location and positional information from the GPS satellites orbiting the Earth it then needs to transmit that data to a server. The server is the avenue that allows for remote access of personal GPS tracker data via computer, tablet or mobile phone. However, in order to transfer GPS vehicle tracking data from receiver to server telecommunications are necessary. Since companies such as T-Mobile and AT&T do not allow people to send data over their cellular towers and telematics networks for free, a monthly service plan is required. With all real-time tracking unit users now understanding of how assisted-GPS works, the only question left is what data plan is the most appropriate for each user.

SilverCloud GPS systems give users five (5) different data plans to select from, providing a working and affordable data solution for anyone. These data plans are all created to offer unlimited update refreshing, and do not require any form of long-term contractual obligations, something many GPS providers make mandatory. “People don’t like contracts that have legal scribble about termination fees and other service obligations”, explained a Tracking System Direct GPS fleet management specialist. “While most companies only offer a GPS that has one data plan and/or a long-term contractual requirement for service, SilverCloud users have the luxury of choosing from a variety of service plans created to meet each individual’s needs.”